Kim Standeven

Associate Certified Coach - ACC
Bachelors Degree in Psychology                                                                          Certificate in Human Resource Management
Licensed Authentic to the Core Facilitator                                                                   Licensed Wellness Improvement System Facilitator                                                       Best Selling Author | Speaker | Workshop Facilitator                                                                                        

For nearly 20 years, Kim has immersed herself in her own exploration in order to heal and live a joyful life. Her combined education in Coaching, Psychology and Human Resources along with over 15 years of mentorship, training and hands on experience has enabled Kim to empower others in their own exploration, so they can discover their authentic self, make empowered decisions and stand in their truth.

Kim has worked with numerous organizations and individual clients all over Canada and internationally. She is a two time Amazon best selling author, sought after life coach and workshop facilitator.

She is known for her open, quietly challenging and supportive style. She has a powerful intuition which serves her clients very well.

Kim lives a blessed life on a farm in southern Manitoba with her husband and two children. She created a life through the power of coaching conversations and she invites all to believe in what's possible.

Founder and CEO      Kim Standeven Coaching

Founder and CEO
Kim Standeven Coaching

Kim Standeven

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