Lessons from a 5 year old

We have been waiting for this moment ever since she could say the word bus. Her eyes sparkle as she realizes the time has come to go to the "big school". With her new outfit and shoes she walks briskly with confidence to the awaiting school bus door. There are so many unknowns but she doesn't waver. She is ready. 

I am proud of the mother I am and the strong, independent woman she is growing up to be. This five year old has taught me more about who I want to be in this world than any course or book ever can. This week, I let go of the baby and toddler she once was and embraced the beautiful little girl she has become.

I am taking her lead and getting on my own bus to the future. With my head held high; enthusiastic and with no thought to all of the unknowns. Thank you for showing me the way my beautiful and wise girl.