The happiest time of the year ...

I think we have a love / hate relationship with December. It is a great time of year to take a step back and reconnect with loved ones. It is also the perfect time to reflect upon the year and all that we want to celebrate and let go of.  For some, December can feel like a weight we often carry around all month. We can get weighed down with all of the lists and expectations our holiday season brings. I celebrate Christmas and I have to admit I enjoy it now because we finally got to a place where we created a celebration that worked for our family. There is little pressure, little expectation and the focus is on quality time.

As a coach, I find it interesting to explore this topic with my clients and many questions start to surface. In the spirit of giving, I thought I would offer you 10 questions as a way for you to explore your own relationship with the month of December. It can be the "happiest time of the year" for you and your family.

Get out your journal and answer these questions -

1) What do you value most about the holiday season?

2) What are the holiday rituals you enjoy the most? (The things you invest time in that really fill you up)

3) What are the holiday rituals you enjoy the least? (The things you feel you have to do because it is what 'we do" every year)

4) Of the rituals you enjoy the least which one can you let go of? (or at least start a conversation about letting go of)

5)  Imagine yourself on Jan 1st - How do you want to feel when you look back on the holiday season?

6)  Imagine yourself on Jan 1st - how do you want your family to feel after the holiday season?

 7) What is one way you can create that feeling as you move through December?

 8) What do you want to invest more time in during December?

 9) If you are feeling overwhelmed, what's possible if you asked for help?  What's possible if you said no?

10) What is one thing you can let go of to help you create the holiday you desire?

Answering these questions will guide you in creating a holiday that is full of joy. Hang onto and invest in the rituals that fill you up, let go of the ones that don't and focus on the feeling you want to have. Sounds lovely to me!

Do you need some help sorting out the answers to all these questions? I can help and to celebrate I am offering a big discount.

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Image by Pixabay - Thank you !