A note on a napkin - writing my first book

I think we are all guilty of assuming we have unlimited time. We all have dreams, things we hope to accomplish one day and I would often catch myself thinking 'I will do it tomorrow' and every time it pops into my mind I am reminded of my dad.  One of the reasons I decided to start writing a book about our journey was because I was tired of catching myself saying 'I will do it tomorrow.' I have dreamed of writing a book about the lessons I learned from my dad's brain hemorrhage since I was a teenager. His journey showed me just how fragile we are and how each day is an incredible gift.

Over the years, I let myself off the hook continually listing a number of reasons why I didn't have time but I knew deep down that wasn't actually true. Finally, I stopped the excuses and despite having a new born baby and a toddler, I started to write whenever a free moment presented itself. Many times it was just a few notes in my notebook and sometimes on a scrap of paper or even a napkin. It didn't matter as long as I did it and kept moving forward.  Much of my writing was in the middle of the night after putting my infant daughter back to sleep and taking 45 minutes at 3 am to empty my mind with whatever was there. As I look back on the last 2 years, I sit in awe of the fact that all of the 'few minutes' resulted in a book. My dream so many years before is a reality. Living my dream isn’t the finished book but rather the fact that I invested in my love of expressing myself through writing. I had been living my dream all along when I took the few minutes to scribble on napkins and scraps of paper. I made a choice and despite many daily responsibilities of raising a family and working the act of taking the time opened me up to living my dream each day.  I feel blessed to have been given all the yesterdays to get to this point and I am fulfilled knowing my time was well spent.

When I catch myself thinking 'I will do it tomorrow', I stop and tell myself to just start a part of it today and if I am lucky enough to have a tomorrow at least there will be evidence that I started something I cared about. There is time right now, you just have to decide and make it happen.

Here are 3 questions to get you started to living your dreams and making the most of today. Whatever you decide to jot down on your ‘napkin’ whether it a something you have always wanted to learn, a place you have dreamed of visiting or a lifestyle change you want to invest in it will be worth your investment.  

Make a list - What are the things you are pushing to tomorrow?

Make a list - What if you started part of it today? What could you start with right now?  

Make a list – What if today was your last day? What would you wish you had invested in?

Now all you have to do is decide and do it.

Until next time ,