Stand Even Sunday Facebook Posts - Why ??

Every Sunday I pick a powerful value word that resonates with me. My hope is that it may resonate for you and maybe in the moment will help you shift your focus and attention onto what matters. Maybe it will tweak a part of you to think differently during the week. 

I always felt connected to teaching. Stand Even Sunday allows me to access that part of me where I can explore an idea out in the world. This is the purpose of these posts. My role as a coach is to help others connect to their core values and invite them to live from that place, rather than from all the external noise pulling us in all directions. 

Why the picture? I wanted to choose a picture that had a deeper meaning. There are a few reasons I picked this but the biggest reason is what I am wearing. The leather Harley Davidson jacket is my dad's. He wore it every time we got on his bike which was a great passion of his. Wearing it not only connected me to him but also represents the last name he gifted to me – Standeven. Maybe it is silly to put so much attention on a name but for me it holds many reminders of the person I strive to be. A person who is willing to stand up for what I believe in. A person who is willing to stand up and run towards her dreams. 

Here is a short excerpt from my book; a little bit about my name and a glimpse into my heart.  

At the age of 33, I experienced an awakening. I found my voice again and am now ready to stand tall.  I am reminded every single day about standing tall since it is in my name – Standeven. Was ‘stand even’ to be part of my destiny as I use my name to symbolize who I choose to be? Is it an anchor for my own legacy as I move through my experiences? It is definitely a powerful reminder for who I am striving to be and the life I wish to create. Although I didn’t become the schoolteacher I had envisioned as a young child, I have become more than I ever could have imagined. I identify with the label of teacher, healer and this book and my work as a coach is a testament to that. If I had the opportunity to redo my grade 5 speech, I would tell everyone when I grow up I want to be a person who helps others stand even. A teacher who stands for being courageous, open minded, and inspiring. That is the teacher I strive to be and I am on the path.

Each Sunday let's explore what matters to us most and to access this will be one simple word. 

Welcome to Stand Even Sunday.



Thank you Tracy Conrad for capturing the spirit of Stand Even with your amazing talent :)