3 simple secrets coaches use to snap themselves out of grumpiness when coffee just isn't working.


I woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday. I was in a total funk, feeling grumpy, negative and sorry for myself.  At first I thought I just needed a cup of coffee to snap myself out of it but sadly it did little.

I knew immediately that this mood was not going to help me create a fulfilling day. It wasn't even 8am and I saw the impact I was having on my family, my moodiness was like a parasite.  I had to do something.

I think we all can relate to these moments. I am not immune to them just because I work as a coach. I feel I have a responsibility to work harder to put my learning into practice though, and so I did. I was able to snap myself out of then negativity pretty quickly. 

Here are the three steps I use to "snap myself out it" and coach myself through it:

#3 - I got honest. 

I took a moment to ask myself what was really going on. What was this grumpiness all about? Turns out, I wasn't irrationally grumpy. I was overtired and sad that morning. Some people can go without sleep, but being tired for me is a trigger. I also noticed I was feeling sad about missing my family back home. I was stuck in the past of my most recent visit.

#2 - I shared it.

Once I figured out that I was sad I shared it with someone I trusted. It felt good to have them listen and more importantly get it out so I could stop the swirl in my mind. I allowed a few tears and acknowledging my sadness felt great. 

#1 - I went outside.

I took a minute to get reconnected to what I love and I listed off all the things I am grateful for while breathing in the cool spring air. This brought me back to why I chose to live where I do despite the distance from family and friends.  And although my sadness and tiredness was still there it didn't control the rest of my day. I had reconnected with the present moment.

I had a fantastic, productive and fulfilling day. I felt good knowing that I had the tools to work through my negative thoughts and feelings and the courage to call it out. 

It is ok to be in the funk. 

The key is to dig a little deeper and acknowledge what is really going on so you can move forward in a positive way and get back into the present moment.

Don't rely on the cup of coffee to snap you out of being a grumpy frog. You can snap out of it with these simple steps.