Invest in a coach - TOP 10 Benefits

When we hear the word coaching many of us naturally think of a sports coach. There are some similarities with sports in that the coach can motivate players to improve their physical and mental game. I have often heard athletes say that their mental preparation is as important as their physical preparation. The reality is that athletes are not the only ones battling an inner opponent – the majority of us are which is why coaching is crucial for our success in life.

Here are my top 10 reasons to invest in coaching:

10)  Increases your awareness and clarity

This is the key to personal growth. Without this we cannot move forward.    

9)      Removes roadblocks

Coaching is all about breaking down barriers and beliefs that aren't working for us any longer. You can't break them down if you don't know about them.

8)      Develops strategies and goals

 Coaching can help you to create meaningful goals and challenge you to make them a reality.

7)      Increases your confidence and self worth

Giving yourself dedicated time to explore your dreams, goals and thoughts is similar to going for a haircut. It feels so good. We can let go of the split end thoughts!!

6)      Have dedicated time to be heard without judgement or advice

Let's face it, our friends and family have great intentions and they can influence us. A coach gives you space to access what you really think and gives you an opportunity to say whatever is present without the fear it may impact a personal relationship.

5)  Improves your relationships

Coaching gives you an opportunity to be proactive with the type of relationships you want in your life and how to create them.

4) Supports you to take action

A coach serves as a great accountability partner. We are more likely to take action with someone else in our corner than by ourselves. We are personal trainers for your mind!

3) Improves work - life balance

Coaching allows you to access your values and live in alignment with them. When you are aware and connected to what matters your choices are clear.

2) Improves communication

You can explore conversations you want to have with a coach. This allows you to get clear and intentional about what you want to say and how you want to feel afterwards. Imagine the impact of being proactive with those important conversations at work or at home.

1) Leave feeling inspired, empowered and supported.

My clients feel amazing after a coaching conversation. You can let go of damaging thoughts and walk on a new path that YOU created. It is very empowering.

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