My meditation ...

Meditation is something I have always struggled with. My mind chatter is very strong and I often feel more frustrated with the act of sitting in a meditation focussed on my breath than refreshed and empowered.

So, I had to ask myself.

What is the purpose of meditation?

What is it that I am trying to achieve?

My answer was simple -  I am trying to achieve a space where my mind chatter is quiet and I can just be completely in the moment. A space where I am completely at peace and content.

I don't sit and mediate any longer because it doesn't work for me. I don't enjoy it. For years, I felt pressure to just keep trying because the chatter all around me and in my head was that it is good for me so I 'should' enjoy it, I 'should' do it. I have learned since being on this journey of self-development that all that really matters is what serves me. All that really matters is whether I am able to achieve my goal of a quiet mind and how I achieve it is irrelevant.

I discovered since moving to the farm that I LOVE cutting the grass. I didn't realize it until recently that when I am riding around our yard I am completely in the moment. I am not thinking or strategizing, my mind chatter is quiet and I am actually really happy. I got a flash of Forrest Gump and giggled a little because I got it! 

One of my meditation practices is cutting the lawn, in the moment and gloriously happy.



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