Twice, this put Ryan Mullens on a better path (and it could do the same for you).

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The year was 1999.
Ryan Mullens, 18 at the time, was trying to figure out who he was and what he wanted out of life.
The decision he made next changed his life.
Looking back, Ryan says…
“It had a very significant impact on me.  I don’t know if I’d be on the right path for myself.  I’m very happy with who I am.”
What did Ryan do that put him on a better path in life?
He attended the Authentic to the Core retreat.
Ryan says…
“There’s a freedom that comes with knowing myself.  It allows you to totally act in line with your values.  For someone to know that… to have that sense was extremely helpful… especially at a young age.”
Ryan went on to get his undergrad in criminology and began working with homeless youth.  He now has a Masters in leadership.  He works for Alberta Health Services as a Senior Advisor and Leadership consultant.
A couple of years ago he decided to, once again, attend the Authentic to the Core retreat.
Ryan says he was a little hesitant because he wasn’t sure what type of value he’d get from it the second time around.
Any concerns he had were quickly alienated.
“I got extreme value from it.  The first time I had a hard time articulating what my core essence really was.  I had a sense of it.  The second time solidified everything for me.  It reinvigorated me.”
He continues…
“It’s like the layers of an onion.  When I was 18 it was just the start.  It was incredibly helpful.  It started me on the path of self-discovery.  Coming back and doing it a few year ago was very helpful because I’m still into personal development and moving forward.”
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“Authentic to the Core has evolved so it was even more impactful.  What Lori-anne has created is a process that takes you through it in a meaningful – and I’m not trying to sell the speed of it—­but it’s fast,” Ryan says. 
Who should take Authentic to the Core?
“There is value in it for anyone, especially in our society today. If anybody wants to really go on the journey of knowing oneself and finding some true self-fulfillment this is one of the most important jumping off points.” Ryan says.
He adds…
“You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.  I always tell people if you can go into any course and take just one thing away that you can do differently or add to your life then that’s a win.  I’d be willing to guarantee you’re going to take at least one thing away from this retreat and that one thing is going to be quite significant… if you’re open to it.”
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Ryan points out that Authentic to the Core does require a level of willingness and self-awareness.
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