Make self care a priority with 5 simple mindsets

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Self care is one of my favorite topics because in my experience working with women it feels hard for them to take this crucial time for themselves. It seems they are weighed down with guilt, unworthiness, to do lists and expectations from others.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple mindset to put the importance of self care into perspective.

Here are 5 mindsets to consider if you feel weighed down by taking time for yourself:

1) Self love and self care is not selfish

Let's cut the word selfish from the dictionary. It has infiltrated our culture as a description for taking time for ourselves. It just isn't true. We NEED this time just as much as we NEED food and water to survive.

2) Vehicles need fuel and maintenance

We spend much time and money taking care of our cars and trucks to ensure they run efficiently and last a long time. Our bodies are a vehicle so let's give them the same care and attention. Here is the thing - if we don't have fuel, we don't run.

3) You breathe, you deserve

I often wonder who made up the deserving score card for self care... some people feel like they have to do certain things in life to deserve time for themselves. Let's scrap that belief and replace it with this one - If you breathe in and out, you deserve time for yourself. PERIOD!

4) Know what you need

One of the most crucial parts of self care is understanding what you need for fuel. It took me some time but I finally figured out that I need alone time to recharge. Even 5-10 minutes helps me get centered. I invite every one to get clear on what you need and then tell people WHY you need it. This will help with any backlash or feelings of wonder from family and friends. We are all unique so it makes sense that our self care regime will be as well.

5) Guilt is not an option

Feeling guilty for taking time and caring for yourself was not something you came up with on your own. It came from somewhere so therefore you can say 'no thank you' to that belief. Imagine if a car felt guilty that it needed gas... seems a bit ridiculous. Imagine if we felt guilty for needing a glass of water, sleep or food. Imagine if our kids felt guilty for asking for a snack or needing a nap or a cuddle ... would we guilt them? NO!

Try on these mindsets and take time for yourself. If you don't take care you won't be here and I am sure you want to be here as long as you can.