Two doors

Photo by  Landon Martin  on  Unsplash

Fearing vulnerability is a belief system we have adopted as truth. We think that vulnerability equals risking our survival. When we take a moment and reflect on this doesn't it seem a bit ridiculous? 

This is what I have discovered since exploring vulnerability this month. This belief doesn't fit or work for me anymore and I hope after you read this it doesn't fit for you either. 

This is how I look at it. When we are at the vulnerability crossroads what appears in front of us are two doors (figurately, of course). One door leads us to the land of EMBRACE and one door leads us to the land of RESIST.

There is of course choice at every crossroads and behind each door. The beauty of this is I am not going to tell you what door is which. You get to decide that too. Who am I to define that right is resist or left is embrace or vise-versa. I did the work to figure out my doors and I now invite you to do the same. 

What is true for me is that when I am completely open to vulnerability, I live fully.

Vulnerability is life and life is vulnerability.

I think it is worth the risk even if my brain and body believe I may risk dying. I have survived it all so far! I have created a new belief that vulnerability is not scary. Vulnerability is where beauty and connection live. This is a place I want to spend more time in.

Embrace or resist the choice is yours.

What door will you choose?

Bye for now,