S L O W - D O W N . . .


Why the heck do I have a snail taped inside my cell phone case? Well, to make a very long story short actual snails and the image of snails have been showing up for me this month. It may seem like a coincidence to some, but for me, it is a clear sign that I am supposed to pay attention to slowing down.

What does the snail represent for me? Simply, SLOW, which by definition means not quick. I had to ask myself some tough questions since the snail seemed to be always there. Where? Well, I found one on a garbage lid in a park,  a deck of cards I happened to be using one day had snail shells on them, my daughter's board game card (seen above) seemed to be left in different places in my house which I found 'randomly' throughout the month.

Ok, back to the honest questions I had to ask myself - what does it mean to be snail-like in my life? Yikes, I guess I haven't been. I started this business in 2015 determined to make it work and here we are in 2018 and a LOT has happened both professionally and personally. If I am honest, I wouldn't describe life right now as SLOW and it is quite clear I need to make some shifts if I am going to BE the person I strive so hard to BE.

So, I am back to the same question. What does it mean to be snail-like in my life? The answers have been slowly surfacing this week.

Here are my top 3 insights I have discovered:

1) Define SLOW

For those who have gone for a walk with me know that that my body is slow. I am a stroller by nature and often take my time physically. What I have noticed is my mind is not SLOW and therefore this is where the shift is required. My mind is like a rabbit. I am constantly thinking, feeling, analyzing, creating, puzzling... For me, slow means allowing my mind to rest and just BE. 

I have decided to adopt a snail's mind lately - a conscious presence of the current moment. I realized that if my mind is not slow, I am not present and therefore I cannot access joy. hmm, I don't want that. I want more joy!

2) Do one thing at a time

This is connected to the rabbit mind... go, go, go. I have noticed that when I focus on what I am doing and make a conscious decision to do one thing in presence I feel so much better, less stressed and more joyful. Tip - give yourself double the amount of time you think it is going to take you.

I have also decided to schedule less and I am loving it.

3) The bullseye question

This question popped into my head one day when the rabbit was running away with my many thoughts. Kim, what are you missing right now by not being slow and present?

Ah crap, I was with my kids and instead of engaging with them I was in my head. This is not who I want to be. This question brought me back to slow and I continue to ask it when I feel the rabbit running around me trying to pressure me to get going and go, go, go.

I don't want to miss a thing! What is more important than the present moment? I was stumped, are you?

My hope is that this helps you to look at your own experience and what slowing down would mean for your life. 

This is why I taped the board game card into my phone, to remind me not only to slow down but that the faster I go the more I risk missing.

Bye for now,