One ring at a time


What we focus on grows, and current research supports it.  Our brain creates new neural connections with each thought and our thoughts serve as the foundation for our actions. Our thoughts create our reality, we have all heard this before.

One thing I don't think many people are talking about is the speed of our growth. I feel like there is a bit of impatience and frustration surrounding us.  Just because we live in a time where information is on a superhighway doesn't mean our growth has to expand at the speed of light or sound. I think the statement may be more powerful like this:

What we focus on and take our time with grows.

I love trees. I think they are a beautiful metaphor for human experience. I like to think that our growth as people is like a tree. One exceptional ring at a time, rich with experiences and learning.

My invitation is to imagine you are a tree. Appreciate the rings you have already created and trust that more are coming. Stay in the moment and focus on moving forward with slow, focused attention and intention.

Bye for now,