4 ingredients to personal growth


I just came in from outside. I am exhausted but in a good way. 

I was transplanting trees and as the sun was going down it occurred to me that our own growth and development is similar to transplanting a tree. We need certain ingredients in order to flourish into the best versions of ourselves.

Here are my 4 essential ingredients for personal growth inspired by my tree day. 

1) Curiosity

We have a choice in life. We can wake up every day and do our best to experience the same things and think the same way or we can be curious and explore new experiences and ways of living. Without this willingness to be curious, we will not grow. Yawn.

2) Honesty

You may not want to admit it but the only way to grow is to get honest with yourself and push the limits of your comfort zone. It is crucial to stretch ourselves and the only way to do this is to face reality head-on and take risks. 

3) Effort

Nobody said growing was going to be easy! It takes commitment, energy, and effort. In my opinion, the effort is well worth it because the rewards of learning feel so good. Who doesn't LOVE a light bulb moment? 

4) Time

Just like effort, growing takes time. The spruce trees I planted today can live up to 200 years!!! They grow slow and so let's take a lesson from this. We don't have to grow fast, slow down and enjoy the journey! AND remember to take the time for your growth. 

When we put all 4 of these ingredients together we get to experience awareness as our reward. Just like the rings of a tree, our awareness keeps moving outward... I love growth. 

Bye for now!