Breathing Space Show - Life Design Lab for Women Leaders Episode #3

Join the co-founders of the Life Design Lab for Women Leaders, Kim Standeven and Morna Haist for Episode 3 of our weekly show 'The Breathing Space'.

In this weekly Live Show we explore how we can more fully show up to what's important to us, amplify our collective impact and thrive in the process.

This week we're continuing the conversation from last week about 'navigating life' after receiving a comment from one of our viewers who said 'As a mom of four I rarely feel truly connected to the moment I’m in' and "How do you set aside everything that’s waiting offstage and focus on the one moment in front of you?"

How many of you can relate to these feelings? We do!

Join us for the conversation and some super simple tips and practices that work even on those crazier than usual days.

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Here's to creating lives that work! Morna and Kim

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