"He taught me to Stand Even, no matter what happens in life." - Kim

"He taught me to Stand Even, no matter what happens in life." - Kim


Stand Even - A mentorship memoir. A mentorship philosophy.                                     Soft Cover - September 2016. By Kim Standeven

How different would your life be if you weren’t weighed down by life’s most difficult experiences?

There is little more powerful that the bond between a father and daughter.                               In “Stand Even”, certified life coach Kim Standeven, shares her personal journey with her dad who suffered a tragic brain hemorrhage, along with countless insights and tools so you can be the best version of yourself.

In this book you will experience:

·         A deepened understanding of mentorship

·         The power of your own life lessons

·         Simple journal exercises to uncover your inner wisdom

·         An expanded perspective that will leave you feeling inspired

If you have ever felt stuck in your life because of a difficult experience, you will be inspired with all the insights you are left with after reading “Stand Even.” Kim Standeven, certified life coach, shares openly her own struggles and explains how by simply shifting your perspective you can use your experiences to thrive in life. Kim provides you not only an inspiring story but tools you can use to help you move forward in a powerful way.

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