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Shared Community ‘Intentions for Working Together’

On our first Lab Call in Feb 2019, we discussed how we want to show up in this community and developed a set of working intentions.

Why are these ‘intentions’? Because we won’t always get it right and that’s ok! This is a working set of intentions that will guide us when we meet together in the Lab, interact on Facebook - any time we spend time together.

We’ll revisit this as a community as we grow and are always open to feedback and suggestions.

Authenticity //

We welcome and embrace the full range of our human experience in this community.

We agree to be real, with ourselves and each other.

We agree to allow our brilliance to fully shine - to show up as BIG as we want in this space. This is a place where we can be proud of who we are, we NEVER need to shrink or diminish ourselves to feel like we fit in.

We appreciate and acknowledge ourselves and each other, openly and often.

Equally we invite and embrace our shadow sides...those times when we arrive feeling challenged, fuzzy, teary, inarticulate, in over our heads or worn out (or whatever else!). No need to string a coherent sentences together on anyone else’s account - we invite you to be held by our community.

However you show up is ok, it’s workable, we do not need to ‘cut off’ or ‘ignore’ parts of ourselves in this community.

Vulnerability //

To fully show up in our power and brilliance and to fully show up in our messier moments - is an invitation to take a risk, to be vulnerable.

We recognize that vulnerability is what’s needed to create a powerful connection to self, to each other and for our community to thrive.

Curiosity //

We agree to get ‘curious’ not ‘furious’. As we listen to each other’s experiences and stories, it’s natural that we relate what we hear to our own stories. It’s also natural to notice that we may judge each other and create stories about what we hear based on our values, experiences and beliefs.

We agree to notice when we are making judgements and stories and lean into curiosity by suspending our ideas and becoming open to each others experiences.

There is nothing to fix.

Disagreement is OK

and Sometimes We’ll Get it Wrong //

We acknowledge that we won’t always get it right, we might say the wrong thing, in fact we probably will, we’re human - that’s ok. We acknowledge that we are a global and diverse community with different perspectives, beliefs and cultural norms.

Let’s teach each other how to treat each other by speaking up when it doesn’t feel right.

By agreeing to disagree. By always assuming that each person is doing their best. By knowing when something needs to be said to clear the air and when it’s time to let go of what may be gripping us.

We agree to chat with Kim or Morna if we need support.

Confidentiality //

This is our space. We are free to share the learnings and insights we discover in our community without sharing names and details of other peoples experiences and stories (without permission).

We Co-Create our Community by Active Participation //

Please make sure you know the timing of our weekly calls and they are in your calendar as a standing appointment. We know life happens and we ask that you make participating a priority. Please give yourself the gift of fully showing up. Do what you need to do to create a space where you can more fully show up. Turn off or mute other distractions (open browsers, cell phone dings, etc) and arrive with a drink and a snack if that helps :-).

No pressure to engage in our Facebook Group, but please visit at least once a week to be aware of notices and upcoming events. We will also send a weekly email with everything you need to know.

Finally //

Let’s have some laughs, Fun is Invited!! We don’t have to take ourselves too seriously - and yep swearing is A-F**king Ok...

Please let us know in the comments if you’d like to amend, suggest additions etc.


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