Loosen the Grip - Letting Go Course

Click on the below picture and read an article I wrote about letting go.

This article is the foundation of the course.


Art by: GiraffaCamelopardalis/ImgurMcKinley Law/Unsplash (Drawing it out is the best release).

“If you let go a little, you will have a
little happiness. If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of happiness. And if you let go
completely, you will be completely happy.” - Ajahn Chah

For this course you will need:

1) A journal

2) Markers, crayons or pencil crayons ... your choice

3) 30 minutes - 1 hour periods of time to learn and explore.

CLICK on the module below to enter:

Module 1: Why do I care about letting go? What is letting go?

Module 2: Why is letting go beneficial?