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I think we can all relate to the roller-coaster of feelings we can experience as we navigate the ups and downs of life.

Have you or someone you love ever felt -

The waves of grief for the empty chairs at the dinner table, dog or cat house?

The worry about a loved one’s illness?

The lost feeling when we have lost a job or feel unsure about a next step?

The pressure to be joyful when joy is tough to hold onto?

The desire to want to connect to something bigger than ourselves?

This is why I have created this unique gift - A custom and personalized message from our spiritual family (loved ones & guides) delivered in a coloring page.

A gift that lets you and the people you love most know that we are not alone.

We are surrounded by support and love.


Client Testimonials:

I felt grounded…

“While coloring I felt the power of the panda and rainbow. Rainbows always show up after a storm. Which is really how I feel. I also felt very grounded and calm coloring. I felt a gentle kind of assurance or calm. It was a very cool thing to do . You have an amazing gift Kim - Thank you!” - Michele

Perfect timing…

“This coloring page came to me at the exact moment I needed it with the exact message that I needed to take a leap of faith towards fulfilling my deepest passions and purpose.” - Kay

Magical Synchronicity …

“The symbolism of the shark totally resonated and was a significant message for me. It is fascinating how many layers of meaning I am receiving from this seemingly simple drawing. Thank you Kim!” - Lynn

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Learn more about Kim - Click on the image

Learn more about Kim - Click on the image

About Kim…

For nearly 20 years, Kim has combined her passion for life coaching, personal development and her ability to connect deeply with her intuitive gifts to offer services and packages that will leave you feeling peaceful, validated and connected. 

Kim's sessions are unique because she has combined her gift of connecting with soul energy and her passion for life coaching, facilitating and supporting her clients expand their awareness, self-compassion and wholeheartedness.

As a certified coach and spiritual medium, you will receive powerful, validating messages from your loved ones and guides along with tools and insights into how to integrate these messages into your daily life. Our loved ones and guides want us to heal, succeed and be happy.

Kim specializes in Loved One and Spirit Guide Readings.

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Powerfully connect with your loved ones and guides and walk away with feelings of CLARITY, VALIDATION, HEALING, PEACE and SUPPORT.


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