Until you cross the bridgeof your insecurities,you can't begin to explore your posibilities.(2).jpg

I think we can all relate to the sadness that the holidays can trigger. The waves of grief for the empty chairs at the dinner table, the worry about a loved one’s illness, the pressure to be joyful when joy is tough to hold onto for all sorts of reasons.

This is why I have created this unique gift. A custom and personalized message from our spiritual family (loved ones & guides) delivered in a coloring page. An opportunity for those in our life who may be struggling to know they are not alone.

Client Testimonials:

The synchronicity was magical…

“The symbolism of the shark totally resonated and was a significant message for me. It is fascinating how many layers of meaning I am receiving from this seemingly simple drawing. Thank you Kim!” - Fia-Lynn


Perfect timing…

“This coloring page came to me at the exact moment I needed it with the exact message that I needed to take a leap of faith towards fulfilling my deepest passions and purpose.” - Makaylah

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