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If you are like me I LOVE spiritual messages. Typically, I access these messages by pulling a beautiful card from a deck and then taking a moment to reflect on what it means for me.

I wanted to offer something unique. A way to powerfully connect with our spiritual guides and loved ones while engaging in a beautiful self care activity. This is why I have combined my love of drawing and coloring with my unique intuitive gifts in this very special offer.

Here is what you’ll get for only

$20 CAD per month:

1) Access to a private Facebook community where every month Kim uploads a customized coloring page (advised by spirit).

2) Additional video insights and messages for each coloring page and spontaneous downloads that may occur throughout the month.

3) Opportunities to share your discoveries and insights in a safe place.

4) When you color in the page, the intention is you enter into a meditative state where you will be more open to receiving additional messages. Each page is created with layers of meaning and intentions for the community.

5) When you sign up you get a FREE customized coloring page (valued at over $50).

Below are some examples of monthly and custom coloring pages. Each unique and created with layers of meaning.

Custom Coloring Page Testimonials:

The synchronicity was magical…

“The symbolism of the shark totally resonated and was a significant message for me. It is fascinating how many layers of meaning I am receiving from this seemingly simple drawing. Thank you Kim!” - Fia-Lynn


Perfect timing…

“This coloring page came to me at the exact moment I needed it with the exact message that I needed to take a leap of faith towards fulfilling my deepest passions and purpose.” - Makaylah

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Learn more about Kim - Click on the image.

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